Laja is the essence of the Guadalupe valley, rustic, simple, sophisticated. In Laja you can taste the cooking of the wine region of Bajacalifornia.

It is based in the products of the Guadalupe valley, the sea products of the nearby ocean and the products of our orchard.

In Laja the cooking of the wine region of Bajacalifornia is created, that is what we do day by day.

Everything is born in a simple rustic place, with wooden floors, high ceilings, tables without tablecloth and a big chimney. Through the windows or it´s terrace you can see a small wine yard and an orchard followed by the big mountains that surround the beautiful valley, a wonderful sightseen.

Throughout the years we have achieved to create a magic place in which you can resume the essence of the Guadalupe valley; a simple and natural elegance where flavors and sensations are so deep and clear them can last over times.

We offer a fixed menu that change day by day. The key ingredient to Lajas cuisine is its orchard; it is our thermometer, our clock, our guide. It locates us in the place and season, not every year is the same. At its own pace starting with vegetables, shoots, herbs and spices our menu takes life. The nearby Pacific Ocean offers a large variety of surprising ingredients and the cheese makers, olive oil producers and meat distributers of the region are profound essentials of our cuisine.

Laja exists due to the stubbornness or its owners and the improbable combination of an oenologist and a cook. Andres Blanco is the restaurant´s director and oenologist for the wine houses Ulloa and Moebius. He knows very well the wines of the region and is the perfect guide and companion to enjoy the most amazing local wines. On the other hand Jair Tellez is the head cook a founder of Laja. He has a very clear and unique idea of the Guadalupe valley cooking and his kitchen team understands and executes his vision of what food should be. Together and with their fully committed team, proud of their workplace, they really make the visitors feel good.

Laja is managed by people proud of the place, proud of making the clients feel nice about the products of the orchard, the valley, the sea and our wine yards.